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Helping you get discovered

Hiring companies can find you for relevant open roles! Simply turn on the Recommendations for new jobs feature in your TestGorilla profile to receive suggestions. You can disable this feature anytime. 


Match your skills to opportunities

Our new skills profile helps connect you with jobs that align with your skills and career goals.

How it works:

Log in to your TestGorilla profile. Add your work experience by clicking your name, selecting Edit profile info, and then choosing the Work experience tab.

Enter your current and past roles, or check the "I have no work experience yet and I'm hoping to get my first role through TestGorilla." box.

Click Save to keep your changes.

Click on the Personal info tab and scroll to the bottom.

Click on the checkbox next to Recommend me to new jobs to enable the feature.

Click Save to keep your changes.

When this option is on, you’ve indicated you are open to new roles. If you would like to turn it off, you can simply click on the checkbox again.


Alternatively, you can turn this feature on or off from the My applications page. 



The more information, the better

Get matched and apply:

With a complete profile, you'll be automatically matched with relevant opportunities.

Recruiters will notify you by email when you're invited to apply.

Applications typically begin with a TestGorilla assessment.

To start the job application, complete the assessment.

Completed assessments are listed under My applications in your profile.


Common questions

Can my employer see my profile?

Currently, all companies using TestGorilla can see profiles. If your company isn't a TestGorilla client, they won't be able to see your profile.

How can I stop sharing my profile?

To stop sharing your profile:

Log in to your TestGorilla profile and click on your name. Select Edit profile info from the drop-down.

Click on the checkbox next to Recommendations for new jobs. Click Save to make your changes.

Can recruiters see my scores?

No. Recruiters see your percentile score compared to others who took the same test (average indication).

Can companies see camera recordings from tests I have taken?

No. Companies only see general test results. Personal information from previous assessments (as per our privacy policy) is only accessible to the company you interacted with directly.

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