Practice makes perfect

Practice is crucial for success, so in order to get used to our platform you’ll receive 4 practice questions at the start of each test. Your answers to these questions do not contribute to your final score, nor does the employer see your answers to them. They are there to help you feel comfortable with the test format.

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Taking the tests

After the practice questions, your test will begin. The different types of questions you may be asked to answer are: multiple-choice, multiple-select, true/false, essay questions, file uploads, video recordings, and coding challenges. The types of questions will depend on the position you are applying for.

You will see a time and progress bar along the top of the assessment to help you best manage your time. Keep an eye on this throughout the assessment! Don’t worry, there are points where you will be able to take a break and the timer will pause.

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Taking a break

We know that taking a test can be a stressful experience, which is why our platform allows for breaks between tests in an assessment.

Our platform will prompt you when you are able to take a break, and you will be able to close the window. When you’re ready to start again, you’ll be able to simply follow the link found in your invitation.

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